Lead in and transform 引進落空

There are many tai chi movements that make me wonder if the content is understood, and they are walking alone. Isn’t “Lead in and transform ” a representative example?

It seems that “Lead in and transform ” is only an argument with vague descriptions in China, the home of Tai Chi.

This may be due to a dramatically small number of Tai Chi masters who can speak the traditions.


I don’t want to play with words in “Lead in and transform “.

I would like you to take your time with me as I will talk straight about the essence of “Lead in and transform “.


I interpret “Lead in and transform ” as an action that sucks the opponent’s attack into the center axis of oneself like a black hole and neutralizes it.


The technique of Tai Chi is based on letting the opponent hit me and I take it.

As an easy-to-understand example, I will explain the case where the opponent is stepping forward and attacking to the chest.


I take a stance with a right shoulder front and face the opponent with a sensing force.

The middle finger of the right hand comes out in time with the initial movement of the opponent.

Synchronize with the speed of the opponent’s punch and lead it to my middle center.

This is the movement of “Lead in”.


Then, with a sticked hand, suck the opponent into my central axis and drop it.

The opponent’s fist stops in the air space in front of my navel.

The opponent can’t move, and can’t identify what happened.

Is it a feeling of “AIKI SAGE” while sucking in movement?

This is the movement of “Transform”.


A certain level of skill is still required to be able to do “Lead in and transform “.

Being able to assimilate with the other party by pulling out at the timing of “SEN NO SEN”.

You must have the power to act on the other party with the power of “DANTIAN”.


If you have experience in martial arts, I think you can imagine the movement of “Lead in and transform ” in my explanation. And although it is not Tai Chi in your case, I hope you can feel that similar movements exist in your stream. I think Tai Chi is not special and all martial arts are the same in the ultimate.