Middle Dantian

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Middle Dantian

Today’s topic  is Middle Dantian.

If you just say “Dantian”, it is generally pointed out Low Dantian, which is located about 10 cm beneath the navel.

This is the center of energy and also the center of gravity of the body.

Stable movement with high efficiency can be done if setting the starting point of movement here.

Low Dantian is very famous as “Dantian”.


However, it seems that the existence of Middle Dantian is not well known.

This time, based on my martial arts experience, I would like to talk about Middle Dantian.

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Top Force with The Neck Empty

太極拳 虛領頂勁 虛靈頂勁 虚领顶劲 虚灵顶劲
Top Force with The Neck Empty

(虚領頂勁 虚霊頂勁 虛領頂勁 虛靈頂勁 虚领顶劲 虚灵顶劲)

In the sports world, there is the word of “entering the zone”.

What does it mean? If you enter the zone, you can drive your best performance.  In this state, relaxing and tense are living together, and your concentration is peak. You are in mysterious state.


Traditional theory in Taijiquan tells us an importance of “Top force with the neck empty (虛領頂勁)”.

Today, I would like to explain the relation between “Top force with the neck empty” and “entering the zone”.

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The three tips align with each other

太極拳 三尖相照
The three tips align with each other 1

“The three tips align with each other(三尖相照)” is one of the important teachings of traditional Chinese martial arts. However, I feel that its essence has not been known in general.


At the moment of hitting, the ground and the fist hitting point should be connected directly.  In this reason, it is the rules of posture that must be taken. Let me explain it.

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