Middle Dantian

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Middle Dantian

Today’s topic  is Middle Dantian.

If you just say “Dantian”, it is generally pointed out Low Dantian, which is located about 10 cm beneath the navel.

This is the center of energy and also the center of gravity of the body.

Stable movement with high efficiency can be done if setting the starting point of movement here.

Low Dantian is very famous as “Dantian”.


However, it seems that the existence of Middle Dantian is not well known.

This time, based on my martial arts experience, I would like to talk about Middle Dantian.

In martial arts, you often place your consciousness on Low Dantian.

That’s because Low Dantian is the starting point of internal force (內勁) and also the starting point of Qi (energy)flow.

However, the Yi(mind)of the battle state is not here.

The Yi (mind) is lied down in Middle Dantian, which is the chest center.


To put it a little more concretely, you are fighting with the image that your hands and legs steam from Middle Dantian.


Without this Yi (mind), you could not deal with the professional boxer’s punch. Also, you could not give a fastest punch without preliminary action.


When Yi (mind) is in your Middle Dantian, a certain amount of Qi (energy) is pulled up from Low Dantian.

You are taking a stance of keeping the fighting distance in the state of force accumulation (蓄勁).

More than 99% of Qi is in Low Dantian, therefore the center of gravity is stable as only a few millimeters up.

Your stance should be light and hard, no one can predict the next step direction.


Let’s explain this posture from three Dantian conditions.

If it compares to the battle machine which fires a missile,


The power source is in Low Dantian,

The gun aim is in Up Dantian,

There is a shooting switch in Middle Dantian.

Yi (mind) is a switch.

It may be the moment you shoot an arrow in archery.


Where there is Yi (mind), there is always Qi (energy).


Yi (mind) and Qi (energy) are intangible, and the explanation becomes abstract.

If you don’t have experience, it could not be helped that you think it’s a meaningless and innocent story.

However, I want to believe that a certain amount of people who are convinced even if small.