Fair Lady Shuttles – Video

Fair Lady Shuttles

Taijiquan has a technique called Fair Lady Shuttles. With the suppleness of a woman like, you invite the enemies on the left and right, and defeats them alternately like shuttle loom weaving. The shuttle means a left and right movement.

Taijiquan is a martial art. It is not today, but surely there was in the past. Therefore, not a one-on-one fighting,  rather a fighting battle with multiple enemies is assumed.


In order to deal with it while preserving your physical stamina, it is rather better to let the opponent attack first, then take the lead afterwards, and shoot them one by one.


Let’s explain Fair Lady Shuttles.

You can get closer to either the left or right enemy, but you will lean on the opponent diagonally while distorting your spine. Then, lower your fingertip and invite the opponent.


If you let the opponent strike in, you will disappear. Your face does not exist on the line that the opponent gives the punch.  Then, strike the face with your palm to cause a concussion and down the opponent.

If you don’t sink them down in one shot, you will hit continuously in a series, but it is not performed in the form.

Repeat this for the left and right enemies.


However, I wonder if those who have learned the old-frame form of Chen Taijiquan may have a question.  “This is not the same as the Fair Lady Shuttles that I learned.”  I felt it strange too because I am also from the practice experience of Chen Taijiquan.


Why Yang Taijiquan has preserved it, but Chen Taijiquan has not.


This is my hypothesis. In the past, Fair Lady Shuttles was practiced in combination with the technique of DaoQiLong (倒騎龍). I wonder if it was the transformation of this continuous technique that was done by Fair Lady Shuttles in the old frame form of Chen style. If you are a martial artist and are interested in Taijiquan history, I would like you to investigate it.