Fair Lady Shuttles

Taijiquan Fair Lady Shuttles 玉女穿梭
Fair Lady Shuttles 1 玉女穿梭

“Fair Lady Shuttles (玉女穿梭)” is a technique to be powerfully effective when it comes to a battle with multiple enemies.

Let me think about the origin of the name, “Fair Lady” resembles the gesture of the high society women by the posture before sensing the attack of the enemies from the left and right to deal with. See the top photo. 

“Shuttles” represents the movement of the counter-attacking towards the left and right enemies alternately.

I try to explain how the enemies who set the attack feel. The enemy puts a strike of a long range hit with a fist from the side to my opened face. At the moment when he thought that he got it, the face of the target disappeared from the sight, and on the contrary my open palm attack hits his face. Is it such a feeling from him?

Magic of angles is included in the movement of “Fair Lady Shuttles”. I think if its technique is simple, the essence of usage may not be generally known.

Taijiquan Fair Lady Shuttles 玉女穿梭
Fair Lady Shuttles 2  玉女穿梭