Upper and lower body following each other

上下相随 雲手
Upper lower kinetic chain
Cloud Hands

Tai Chi is based on the movement of the whole body linked.

There is a word that most accurately describes that condition.

“Upper and lower body following each other”


Let me explain.


Tai Chi moves at super slow speeds without disconnecting the whole body.

This is because they are moving in a kinetic chain called silk reeling force.

The kinetic chain is not monotonous, but is based on the theory of Yin and Yang.


Neither the left-right movement nor the upper-lower movement is symmetric.

Hand movement induces foot movement and foot movement induces hand movement.

Each limb moves in conjunction with different timing.

That’s why it is said “Upper and lower body following each other”.


The fingers of both hands are connected each other with releasing the back body. Left and right movements are not symmetric.

Yin and yang means that if the right is yin, the left is yang.

In Tai Chi, this is called “Differentiate substantial and insubstantial”.

These two can be alternated.

How about between the upper body and lower body?


Upper-lower body movement is the same.


The limbs are moving in a kinetic chain by Silk reeling force around the center of the body.

There is a transformation between substantial and insubstantial between the upper body and lower body.


Martial arts steps should be in non-polarity, and take steps between substantial and insubstantial.

The insubstantial steps are light, and the substantial steps are hard.

Martial arts steps must not be heavy and dull.


Tai Chi has relatively lower stances, but never heavy and dull legs.

Silk reeling force is always there.

Recognize that the fingers in the shoes are actively moving more than expected.


Some people may think that a kinetic chain movement is slow.

However, the movement of the tip of the whip is beyond human reflex.

Don’t forget a kinetic chain can accelerate. To be connected is not a slow.


Tai Chi practice moves in slow motion. It is effective way and in the process to acquire a perfect kinetic chain.


“Upper and lower body following each other” means that all four limbs are alive and connected by transformation between substantial and insubstantial.


“Upper and lower body following each other” is successfully completed with the mind force penetrating the crown.