Step Forward Parry Block and Punch

太極拳 進步搬攔捶 太极拳
Taijiquan Step Forward Parry Block and Punch 2

Taijiquan warriors mainly use a palm to give the shock to the brain during fighting. However, there is also a technique of the fist attack that breaks bones.


“Step Forward Parry block and Punch (進步搬攔捶)” is a technique to throw the punch toward the center of the chest while blocking the opponent’s guard hand.


The chest plate is covered with thick muscles so that there is an image that it would be difficult to give the damage on it with punches.

However, there is no muscle in the center of the chest, you can attack the bone directly.


Let’s explain the details of the technique.

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The three tips align with each other

太極拳 三尖相照
The three tips align with each other 1

“The three tips align with each other(三尖相照)” is one of the important teachings of traditional Chinese martial arts. However, I feel that its essence has not been known in general.


At the moment of hitting, the ground and the fist hitting point should be connected directly.  In this reason, it is the rules of posture that must be taken. Let me explain it.

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Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

太極拳 金鶏独立
Photo 2; Taijiquan Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

“Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (金鶏独立)” attacks the lower body with the foot at the same time of attacking the opponent face with the same sided hand.

Although I used the word of “same time”, there is a time lag. The hand is the first attacking that draws their intention, and the foot attacking is following, but it is the main.

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Low Single Whip

太极拳 单鞭下势
Taijiquan Low Single Whip 3

The single whip basically attacks on the face. But, a “Low single whip (単鞭下勢)” is a technique to hit the palm like a whip, aiming at the groin.

Let’s explain the usage. You are taking a left leading stance (See Photo 1 below).

The opponent strikes the right fist to your face in the order of the right shoulder and the right leg forward.  With deflecting their right hand with your right hand, you are stepping to the left side (See Photo 2 below).

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Like Sealing Like Closing

楊式太極拳 如封似閉 杨式太极拳 如封似闭
[Photo 1]  Like Sealing Like Closing – Yang Style Taijiquan
“Like Sealing Like Closing (如封似閉)” describes a guard posture to freeze the opponent movement with keeping the distance.

[See Photo1]

In Chen-style Taijiquan, it is called “Six Sealing Four Closing (六封四閉)”.

As a result of the battle by hand tangling techniques, open the both arms of the opponent and enter into inside the guard, paste the both open-palms on the chest. It is the moment when a chill runs down their spine.

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