Heel Kick

太極拳 蹬脚 太极拳
Taijiquan Heel Kick 1

Heel Kick (蹬脚)

Generally speaking, people who are doing Taijiquan seem to be not good at kicking.  I often see the kick that the direction of power is not focused when kicking with a toe or with a heel.

With restraining the opponent movement, kick with the heel as you stamp.

When practicing heel kick, you can use a vertically standing board or wall.  It is important to hit the heel evenly on a board or wall.


The target to kick is the opponent’s lower abdomen, the bladder. If you kick with the heel of the leather shoe, it gains power.

Do not try to kick strongly.  Just push the heel out by propelling the body center forward.

If the posture is correct, it will be locked with the direct connection between the heel and the ground as for the action reaction force.


It is important not to use the muscular strength of kicking leg as much as possible.


Lift up the toe using theenergy stored in the knee of the shaft foot.

(See the photo)

太極拳 蹬脚 太极拳
Taijiquan Heel Kick 2

If the toe lifts up, the knee will rise as a result.

Next, lift the one sided hip.

It was taught that “Separate the buttocks”.

If the posture is correct, the kicking heel and the ground are connected in the shape of arch and the force will not escape.


Also, you should remember that each step of the kick movement is controlled with the fingertips of the both hands.

太極拳 蹬脚 太极拳
Taijiquan Heel Kick 3

Taijiquan kicks are much more powerful than they are at look.

I would say that I never want to receive them.