Like Sealing Like Closing

楊式太極拳 如封似閉 杨式太极拳 如封似闭
[Photo 1]  Like Sealing Like Closing – Yang Style Taijiquan
“Like Sealing Like Closing (如封似閉)” describes a guard posture to freeze the opponent movement with keeping the distance.

[See Photo1]

In Chen-style Taijiquan, it is called “Six Sealing Four Closing (六封四閉)”.

As a result of the battle by hand tangling techniques, open the both arms of the opponent and enter into inside the guard, paste the both open-palms on the chest. It is the moment when a chill runs down their spine.

The opponent body is open so that the opponent unable to fight back even with head butting or kicking. While listening and reading the enemy’s movements through the contacted double palms, it does not allow the counterattack.


If the opponent impossibly tries to take a counterattack, you just push them out with the one-inch punch. Or strike to the face or neck with changing the form of hands.


However, such an idealistic scenes will not be established unless there is an outstanding difference in skills between the two.


In theoretically, it keeps a superior position in the distance while contacting.  Nothing more, nothing less!