Strike To Ears With Both Fists

太極拳 双峰貫耳 太极拳 双峰贯耳
Strike to ears with both fists 2

“Strike to ears with both fists (双峰貫耳)” is a technique of kicking in the crotch and then, striking to the both ears with both fists.


Let me explain how to use this technique. An expected situation is that the enemy tries to make a tackle on you to hold your waist.

Get the timing of the attack, then deal with the opponent’s both hands by neutralizing skill (化勁), and kick in the crotch.

(See the photo below).


The opponent who got a kick in the crotch slightly bends down. Then, you have a chance to strike the opponent’s ears with the both fists.

(See the photo above)


The areas around the ears are effective attack points because there are many vital spots such as temples around there.


Taijiquan form does not seem to express the kick in the crotch. When a knee is lifted, if the toe of the foot is hanging down, it implies kicking in the crotch. This is because Yang Lu Chang (楊露禅) moved to Beijing and taught mainly to nobles, so Taijiquan form may want to keep dignified style.  The truth is not certain. This is my guess.


Sometimes there are the people who try to attack the both ears directly without stopping the opponent movement. Such a case, you are counter-attacked easily by a straight punch or a front kick. Such fantasy story would not been established.


The 1st frame action of  “Strike to ears with both fists” is eliminated in the simplified 24-form Taijiquan. But it is necessary to get the timing of the attack. As long as it is not a combination with the previous technique, no technique will start from 2nd frame action. Do not skip this action. I would like to maintain a traditional style configuration.

太極拳 双峰貫耳 太极拳 双峰贯耳
Strike to ears with both fists 1