Playing The Lute

太極拳 手揮琵琶
Playing The Lute 2

“Playing the Lute (手揮琵琶)” is one of Taijiquan joint lock techniques.

Let me explain about it.


The opponent gives you a right straight punch.

You touch it with your right hand while maintaining your left leading stance. At that time, it is important to feel and listen the direction of force.

(See Photo 1 below)


While stepping back with synchronizing the speed of the opponent punch, you touch your left hand softly against the opponent right elbow, which will be a pressure point.

(See Photo 2 above)


This skill is named “Playing the Lute”. It is because that the posture resembles a performer who plays the lute.


Taijiquan skills in the forms are usually composed of four frame movements.

However, the form of “Playing the Lute” ends with movement of  the third frame as shown in Photo 2 above. That is understood from the left toe lifting from the ground.


After this operation, push the opponent right elbow and at the same time turn the front toe to the right as well as twisting your hip, then push the opponent  down. This is the forth frame movement to complete this skill.


Chinese martial arts sometime hide how to use the skill in the form.

太極拳 手揮琵琶 聴勁
Playing The Lute