Taijiquan Toe Kick

太極拳 分脚
Taijiquan Toe Kick

If I am asked what the most commonly used kick in Taijiquan, it will be a toe kick.

In a street fight, it is natural to kick the opponent’s abdomen with the toes of leather shoe, and becomes an effective technique.

Let me explain it.



The kicking technique is not easy to hit as the first attack.

It is the theory of martial arts that kick is created with upper body and lower body combinations.


There are many kicking techniques in Taijiquan. The most cases are used with grasping the opponent with hand so that they cannot escape.

However, the toe kick can be used with the combination of punching like other martial arts. That’s why the toe kick is commonly used in fighting as I said in the beginning.


In Taijiquan, it is called the clear separation of insubstantial and substantial. The reality exists only with the emptiness. Create the emptiness of the foot with making the reality of the hand.

The toes leave the ground with emptiness, and change to the reality in the moment they touch the opponent’s abdomen.


This is called the conversion from insubstantial to substantial, and the light toe suddenly has weight and pierces the enemy’s abdomen. This impact damages the enemy’s internal organs, and is created by the combined force of the shaft foot silk reeling force and the kick foot silk reeling force. In the case of kicking down with taijiquan, the position of the sacrum is closer to the angle of the roundhouse kick rather than the front-kick of Karate.


Of course, if the position of the sacrum is not correct, then Silk reeling force is not correct.

The basics of kicking technique in Taijiquan are in the toe kick.

This is especially true for Chen Taijiquan.