Taijiquan Punch

太極拳 拳打 爆炸勁

What is Taijiquan Punch?

Taijiquan is north-style martial arts, and is based on the technique of shooting through.


First, the movement of the center of gravity begins without using muscle power.

It is important that you could have the image when the fist touches your opponent.

Everything will be settled at this moment.

Touch the strike point with the correct body angle as well as the fist and the lower back are linked.

After that, with the tremors of the lower back, you let your fist go in just following the fist weight movement.

It is good to imagine that the breaking point is about 20 cm deep after touching the skin.

Like a palm strike, a fist strike is also a shock wave. By no means push.

If the lower back and the breaking point inside the opponent resonate with each other, it becomes an explosion.


Hit an object in that way. Practice makes perfect.

In old days, there were thick yellow telephone books when home telephones were normal. This yellow book was perfect for the practice of the fist strike.

I am wondering if there is no punching mitt to replace this?