Palm Strike

太極拳 搂膝拗步 樓膝拗步
Taijiquan Brush Knee and Twist Step

Tai Chi mainly uses palm strikes instead of fist strikes during fighting.

It would be a fist strike has more power than a palm strike.

Do you have such question?


Let’s answer the question.


The reason is that a palm strike is more effective for impacting the brain than a fist strike.

This is all that I need to say.


The brain is protected by the skull, but is said to be soft like Japanese Tofu.

A soft object weighing about 1.5 kg is floating in the cerebrospinal fluid in the skull.

The palm is suitable for shocking the brain and causing a concussion.


Tai Chi’s palm strike may be similar to a punch with a boxer’s glove.

The boxer knows that Knock out can be taken by hitting at the chin.

With a straight, hook, upper, aiming at the chin for a punch and increase the impact on the brain.


However, Tai Chi’s palm strikes are more diverse and having more variation.

There are palm strike techniques to shock the brain from various angles, such as front or side.

This is probably the best martial artistic feature of Tai Chi.


“With Jin force, push the chest with both hands, and hit and movethe opponent body back”

This is a typical entertainment demonstration in Tai Chi widely used.


However, true martial arts demonstration is generally not done in public.

Tai Chi’s palm strike exists to defeat the opponent effectively with concussion.